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Essay. My Life in Pets V. Lily and Motherhood.

I got Teddy to make my husband happy. Lily came when Teddy got lupus and I panicked at a possible dogless life. Lily lived with the fear there was a party somewhere she was missing. She never missed one. Lily … Continue reading

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Patient Advocacy. Disability and Safety in Public I. When private information needs to be taken outside the family.

I never thought about disability until I was disabled at 25. For the first two years after my head injury, I was at home or with my husband. I didn’t think about the line between my privacy in public and … Continue reading

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Essay. Peter Pan, Christopher Columbus, and the Three Sisters. A Lesson of Autism

My son is 21. Joseph, like Peter Pan, will grow older but not grow up. Our family lives in Neverland because of Joseph’s autism. He can name the planets in our solar system, but it is meaningless to him. The … Continue reading

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