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Spirit/ Essay. Dunkirk and Texas: the miracles we make.

Only once have I published a first draft. Today marks the second time. It is more important to share than to polish. In 1940, over 338,000 troops representing the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France were rescued over a week’s time … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day….

You may not control the length of the book, or even the color of the ink, but only You can write your life story. (c) HealingWoman

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Spirit/ Essay. Eclipse of the Sun, Connection among People.

Because of my disabilities and inability to deal with hot weather, I have been walking in the mall. Today I checked the television screens at the ends of the mall to watch the total solar eclipse march from west to … Continue reading

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Spirit/Essay. Janus: Looking Back to Face Forward.

Before photography, we chose what to remember in portraits, memorials, statues. History is selective, but we can always look with a broader view. Two women have statues at our state house, Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer. The statues do not … Continue reading

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Mind: Understanding Expectation, Reality, and Our Feelings about Both.

This morning, I read an article (see link below) about expectation and reality as factors in marriage, and the truth of it struck me. I have thought about it most of today, and now I think there is a broader … Continue reading

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