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At the moment, we are not offering any specific HW products.
Please let us know if you are interested in an item designed from
materials on the site, such as a calendar or daybook with patient
advocacy tips and checklists, or a book of essays and photos.

We are an affiliate of Amazon.com. If you decide to buy any of the
products we discuss on the Food for the Future page that are sold by
Amazon, please enter their website through the link and purchase the
item. Your price does not change, but a portion will come to us to
support HW.

We have used Dynamite supplements for both humans and pets in
our family for about 10 years. We found the company when we were
hunting for vitamins. As with many children with autism, Joseph
was vitamin-deficient and the neurologist said that chelated vitamins
(the form found in nature) would be absorbed much better than the
simple chemicals found in commercial multivitamin produces.

We are distributors of Dynamite products. You can find our page on
their website at https://www.dynamitemarketing.com/healingwoman.

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